Nothing is “Black and White” in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, nothing is “black and white”; meaning nothing is as it seems. What others may believe or think they know; they don’t. Or what they think they understand about one’s relationship; they don’t. Men and women are different when it comes to relationships and there are always reasons for every action. Its just not seen to the naked eye or cannot always be explained in words. Sometimes we judge what we know, but dont question what we dont know.

So when we think we know what a man and woman are going through in relationship; think twice. Nothing is “black and white” in a relationship; for we are all different. We all have different ideas of the “perfect” relationship and what one person can “put up with it”; another cannot withstand. Everything happens for a reason, even relationships. Where no relationship is perfect or ideal; sometimes we just go with the flow. Hoping for the best outcome, regardless of what others may think they know, think they see or think they understand. For no relationship is “black and white”; we just do what we feel is best at any given moment in time.

So we should never judge what we don’t know or can’t even begin to comprehend. As we are all unique and so will every relationship. Thus we gotta respect a relationship for what it is or keep it moving; keeping our; “noses” where they belong. For no relationship is “black and white”; there’s always a “gray area”.

5 thoughts on “Nothing is “Black and White” in Relationships

  1. I was thinking today that so much can go on on another human’s mind and heart we cannot know about and in relationships not all will be revealed. I love this post as its kinder to be open to others and suspend a sense of thinking you know exactly what is going on.

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