According to recent studies, researchers have found the rate of autism is higher among teen moms. As opposed to mothers in their 20’s and 30’s. Yet genetics, only account for part of this reason. There are other factors that may play a role in the development of this neurological condition. Whether it be environmental factors in pregnancy or a lack of prenatal care; the exact cause of autism is unknown. There are so many contributing factors; it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to just one or two.

For one, autism wasn’t a “thing” moms talked about; up until recently. Not to mention the fact that many teen moms were first time moms. So, some young women might not even know they are pregnant at first; which delays prenatal care. I mean how can we care for ourselves, if we don’t know what it’s like to be pregnant? Therefore, the environment (the womb) the child is growing in; isn’t exactly fit for a life. Until the mom nurtures the fetus into a baby; through caring for herself and her body.

Two, when a child has no speech or communication issues; the autism often is considered high functioning. Like Asperger’s; meaning they “appear” to be just like any other “normal” kid. And indeed, they are; but on the inside, they are “dying” to understand who they are. Therefore, in these cases; a diagnosis isn’t even thought of. The child is usually labeled “bad” or “disruptive”. Or smart and gifted. So, everyone thinks, how can he have autism? Not to mention the fact that a teen mom, is more willingly to believe what doctors say. Because she is new to motherhood and doesn’t “know any better.”

Three, teen moms often are uneducated and unaware about womanhood and motherhood. Young teen women are still learning how to become grown womenat this age. So, this “transition”; can be quite tough. Yet teen moms don’t always receive the education and support; when they need it the most. Many young moms aren’t aware about autism or any other conditions. They are still processing the fact, that they must share their body with another human being. While having to face scrutiny for having a baby at such a young age. Which can cause stress, anxiety and depression in pregnancy. Creating an unhealthy internal environment for mother and child. Causing or predisposing the child’s brain to autism.

What many people don’t realize is that; autism “has no face.” so we never know who is living with autism; diagnosed and undiagnosed. As autism affects many children; regardless of race, gender, location or economic status. Thus, there are many factors when it to comes to if a child will be born or grow up to have autism.

But regardless, we should always listen to our inner voice or gut feeling. For as a mother always knows what’s best for her child. As in the end; a doctor can never compete with a mother’s intuition. That gut feeling will never steer us wrong; no matter how young or old we are as moms. Whether we are the biological mom or adoptive mom; a mother is a mother. We always know what’s best.

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