Love is Complex

Our hearts have the capacity to love anyone we want to love. Yet it doesn’t mean we can or will love everyone the same or equally. As love is a complex emotion that can either be spiritual, mental or physical; and/or all the above. For when it comes to love, it isn’t always easy to attach words to such a powerful feeling. As love, cannot always be described using spoken words.

Sometimes actions are the only way we can tell someone we love them; when we can’t find the right words to say “I love you”. As there is no single way to describe the way in which we love one another. For there is not just one way to give and receive love. So, whether it be the unconditional bond between a mother and child; or a romantic relationship felt between husband and wife. When love is “in the air” or present; it speaks for itself; no matter how the message is conveyed. Love is love as long as its heartfelt.

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